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Josh Speaking with Matt Mullenweg


Matt Mullenweg is the co-founded of WordPress and currently the CEO of his company Automattic.

In this episode of Josh Speaking, recorded in Auckland, New Zealand, Matt chats about giving up his smart phone for a month, living anywhere in the World, making money within the GPL license, being an employee, the Internet of things, habits on the road, responding to 5 year old emails and more!

  • http://japh.com.au/ Japh

    Great interview, Josh! Always love hearing interviews with Matt, and I especially liked the casual vibe you brought to this one, mate :)

    • joshjanssen

      Thanks, Japh! Yeah, Matt always has great things to share! :)

  • jasonkemp

    Thanks for doing this Josh – didn’t realise you were in Auckland. A great interview and I heard a few new things in there.

    • joshjanssen

      Thanks, Jason! Was only in and out of Auckland! Looking forward to going back soon for a bit longer so I can explore!